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Bill & Malar Fraser

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Drakesbrook Antiques was started in 1995.  After a spell in Bridgetown where their initial shop began, they have continued to grow their stock and their name with constant revitalisation but always ensuring their friendly country courtesy is shown to their customers.

They admit that “One of our greatest pleasures is to help others become involved in the joys of collecting, plus love demonstrating the possible financial gains associated with the hobby”.

They have featured several times in the Moorcroft’s quarterly collectors newsletter for the great events they have put on during the Moorcroft releases. They also sponsored Mr Eric Knowles to WA for the “Antique Antics” show at the Subiaco art centre in conjunction with Alan Carter with great success.

Drakesbrook Antiques & Collectables won the Micro Business award sponcered by Alcoa abd the Mandurah Chamber of Commerce in 2015.


A display like no other

Drakesbrook Antiques

  Ever on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, you will more often than not find a range of quirky products for the collector of the unusual and eclectic mixed in with the exquisite antique and collectible ranges. They do several trips to the UK annually to top up their displays and ensure their customers get to procure items they would otherwise never see here in Australia, it is a display not to be missed!

  The aim of our web site is just to whet your appetite and hopefully you will enquire as to the availability of other items you may require. We have an absolutely huge range of stock that would be impossible to fit on this site!

Our shop collected the Micro Business award offered by Alcoa and the Mandurah Chamber of Commerce for 2015.

Drakesbrook Antiques Shop

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Located 110km south of Perth, WA

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