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Wednesday until Sunday 10 am until 4 pm closed Monday and Tuesday. (Unless it is a public holiday for then we will most likely be open.)

We have just heard the great news that Moorcroft is going to reopen its factory again on the 20th of June for limited trading after all of this very troubling time in the UK, so we wish them well!

We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful customers again and have managed to get hold of some rare and unique pieces for you to view.

The aim of our website is to keep our customers up to date with some of the great things that happen here at Drakesbrook Antiques & Collectables over the years, as well as display our fabulous stock. 

 From time to time we take groups of our collecting customers on far-flung trips to interesting places and always finish with a visit to the Moorcroft factory where we all get to make our own very special piece of Moorcroft pottery. (See Tours and Events above.)  By actually tube lining and painting an item ourselves gives us all a much greater appreciation of the intricate skills and extreme patience needed to become a Moorcroft team member. So please take your time and explore our previous Tours and Events etc.

At Drakesbrook Antiques & Collectables we have huge stock holdings, so it will take me quite a long time to get it all uploaded to this new website but we hope you will enjoy the site as it progesses towards completion. We will concentrate on Moorcroft and the bears to start with as in the past. So do not be afraid to contact us if you are looking for a particular piece that may as yet not appear online.

  Being one of the world’s largest Moorcroft foundation retailers currently, we have a selection of more than 500 pieces of Moorcroft to choose from, including many “one off’s” and a great collection of “original watercolour artworks” painted by the artist concerned in the design with the matching vases in stock for you to view, which gives our Moorcroft pottery display an art gallery feel, not seen anywhere else in Australia. 

  We are also “Charlie Bear” Retailers so there are many bears on display to attract you, along with “dragons” and other animals from artists based in the UK and Australia.

  Ever on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, you will more often than not find a range of quirky products for the collector of the unusual and eclectic mixed in with the exquisite antique and collectable ranges.


One of the World's Largest Moorcroft Retailers

Drakesbrook Antiques

Mr Eric Knowles (right)  is a Director at Moorcroft, has visited our store here in Western Australia on a number of occasions and we have become good friends with him and his wife over the years. So as an auctioneer and part-time comedian, he gives us lots of curry when we are attending the Moorcroft auctions in Stoke on Trent annually where he is the auctioneer for their special days, especially if we are beating the English at cricket! 

  With such a huge amount of Moorcroft to choose from here in Waroona, “you will be

 impressed” as we have the best display of the product in Australia. (Even Mr. Knowles found a piece of Moorcroft with the matching artwork he was looking for.)

So if you are at all interested in Moorcroft pottery and want to learn more about the product, please call in and chat with Malar, for we have many rare and beautiful pieces for you to choose from, dating back over 100 years right up to current times and Malar is very knowledgeable due to our many visits to Moorcroft and eager to tell you about the wonderful pottery they make.

Charlie Bears Retailer

We are a Charlie Bear retailer with lots of adorable bears just awaiting adoption. New bears come into stock on a weekly basis and we also have stocks of other English and Australian Bear makers along with Dragons and many other animal types plus hand puppets.


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Drakesbrook Antiques host regular tours and events for their valued customers.

Malar & Bill visit the Newark Antique Fair

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A drive through Waroona

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