Emma Bossons Tour


What a great day!

Both Emma and Melanie were happily received by all of our customers, who came out in droves to make them both feel welcome. We also had a few “locals” pop in for a hug from the girls which made their day, as they had never seen these locals before. We had a little Joey, a Ring Tailed Possum and a Tawny Frogmouth with a big voice, all fighting for attention. These were all rescued animals brought in by a local caregiver and we all fell for them;-)). We also managed to have all the gardens in flower for the day despite the weather cooling down, so it was a great day all round, with everyone happy with what was on offer in the new collections.

We spoke with Emma and Melanie later, as we all arrived in the UK at around the same time and they were very happy with our event and thanked all of our great customers for the fabulous welcome to the West (They especially loved the Joey;-).