Moorcroft 2017 Collections
  • Adenium Dance by Rachel Bishop

    “Adenium Dance” designed by Rachel Bishop 80/16 Limited to just 30


  • Murray River by Moorcroft

    “Murray River” designed by Kerry Goodwin 25/9 Limited to 50


  • Nimble Numbats by Moorcroft

    “Nimble Numbats” designed by Vicky Lovatt 914/6 Limited to just 50



  • Swan River Myrtle by Moorcroft

    Swan River Myrtle designed by Nicola Slaney 99/11 Limited to just 40


  • Cairns Butterfly by Moorcroft

    “Cairns Butterfly” designed by Vicky Lovatt 769/6 Limited to 40


  • Southern Emu Wrens by Moorcroft

    “Southern Emu Wrens” designed by Kerry Goodwin 82/8 Limited to just 40



  • The Tasmanian Tiger by Moorcroft

    “The Tasmanian Tiger” designed by Kerry Goodwin PLQ3 4″ x 12″ Numbered Edition


  • The Lyrebird by Moorcroft

    “The Lyrebird” designed by Rachel Bishop 7/15 limited to 25 only .


  • “Race Against Time” by Moorcroft

    “Race Against Time” Designer: Paul Hilditch. By the time the mid-1980s arrived, Moorcroft was in deep financial trouble.  Walter Moorcroft, a man who never gave up hope of keeping his business alive, found himself talking to a young Hugh Edwards, a commercial lawyer based in the City of London.  There was no time for niceties – which was perhaps just as well because the diagnosis was that Moorcroft was suffering from design starvation.  Neither was there time to complain about old father William and his heritage, and so, with a huff and a puff, Walter resketched a tulip design he originally had in mind for lamps a year or so earlier.  After a short interlude, Walter proceeded to design Tulips – for him an almost revolutionary turn of events.  Even so, it was the start of a Moorcroft fight back with Walter leading the way.  Out came Walter’s white tulips on an olive green ground.  Simple, and for its time, effective.  Tulips sold more quickly than most other available designs.  Better still, a familiar flower was re-introduced into Moorcroft art.  Designer, Paul Hilditch’s version of Tulips, has striking red and cream tulips which surge in unison from the base to the rim of the jug, their leaves adding strength and vigour to an already striking design.



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