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  • Moorcroft Club Star Awards Designs for 2017

    Moorcroft Club Star Awards Designs for 2017 have been released.

    Star Award Designs 2017

    Enthusiasm for Star Awards has waxed and waned over the years with 2017 showing an appreciable number of Club members asking for a return to 5 Star Awards again.  The original objective of Star Awards was to reward those Club members of more than 3 year’s standing by offering them a special piece, and further exclusive designs for every 3 years that members continued to support the Moorcroft Club.  After three years unbroken Club membership a member will become a 1-Star Member; after six years unbroken membership a member will become a 2-Star member and so on right up to fifteen years unbroken Club membership when the final 5-Star award becomes available.  The new designs below will only be available for this year.  If there is a piece that is just out of your reach, then when you renew this year, check your star status carefully.  You may well find yourself delighted to see that an additional star has been added to your annual membership card once your renewal has been processed.


  • Moorcroft name cups
    • Moorcroft is pleased to launch their Name Mugs
    • Available in the waisted or barrel shape, Collectors can have their name painted onto their chosen mug along with a tubelining bag and a paint brush
    • If a person’s name is 6 or less letters it will be written twice, once on the front and once on the back of the mug
    • If a person’s name is 7 or more letters it will be written only once
    • This is a Club Exclusive and only available to current Moorcroft Club Members


  • “Christmas Elf Model” by Moorcroft Club

    “Christmas Elf Model” Moorcroft 2013 7 cm height Open Edition by Robert Tabbenor


  • $220.00

  • 12 Days of Christmas Miniatures

    Designer: Kerry Goodwin
    Size: Various
    Open Edition